Steps of the Photo shooting


Step 1

Please Make a Reservation

When the date of shooting is decided,  Please make a  reservation by email or visiting.

After you tell us your convenient date and time for shooting and the contents

of shooting, we will inform you of the date and time.

If you have any inquiry, feel free to ask us via email.




Step 2

Please Visit the Shop

Please visit the shop before the date you have chosen.

You will be informed of the contents of shooting and price and so forth at the reception.



Step 3

Choose Your Favorite Costume

There are many costumes for shooting at Soshakan such as a costume for children, Kimono of designer’s brand, Furisode(kimono for unmarried young women), ensemble for men.

You can choose whatever you loke.



Step 4

Hair Making and Dressing

Hair set, making. and dressing will be done by professionals who possess the license for beautician.

Lets us know your favorite styling.

Our professional beauticians will be do their best in order to make your style beautiful.



Step 5

Shooting You with Various Poses

We will be shooting you many times with various poses and expressions. As is often the case especially with small children, it tends to be hard to shoot them as they might cry or look downward. The staff members in Soshakan are all women, so your kids will be feeling relieved. We will do our best not to miss your children’s momentary childlike smile.

Step 6

Check and Select the Photos

You can check the photos on the PC screen soon after the shooting.

Please choose your favorite ones among all variety sorts of poses.